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Who we are

Projected into the future for over 50 years

In the continuity of a story that began almost 50 years ago by Kemia S.A. in the field of Intellectual Property consultancy, IPWAY has been present in Italian Switzerland and beyond since 2015. In 2023 the Team was renewed, expanded and consolidated to always better assist its Customers.

Our team

Roberto Castellazzi,

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur and manager who has been active in the international field for years, with proven experience in leading and developing projects and businesses, he has demonstrated the ability to identify growth opportunities, implement effective strategies and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams. His dedication to innovation and long-term vision translate into a track record of success in generating value and supporting the sustainable growth of company initiatives.

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Eng. Kara Harl,

CPD - Chief Patent Department

Graduated in Chemical Engineering and specialized in prior art research and opinions on validity and infringement in patent matters, she has gained solid experience in the main technical areas, including materials technology, polymers and mechanics. His training also includes the creation of industrial start-ups, thus contributing to a complete and multidisciplinary approach.

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Dr. Francesco Fabio, 

CTD - Chief Trademark Department

European Trademark Attorney

For over three decades he has been working in the field of business consultancy, focusing on all aspects of Intellectual Property, including trademarks, patents, design, litigation and contracts. Furthermore, with a role as an expert on the subject at universities and specialization schools, he has contributed to training new generations of professionals. His dedication is reflected in assisting companies and professionals in effectively protecting and increasing the value of their assets, with particular attention to Italian Switzerland.

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Our approach

Thanks to a team of highly specialized professionals in every sector of Intellectual Property, we support companies in planning, promoting, protecting and enhancing brands, patents and designs, real assets of strategic importance for every production company, anywhere in the world.

Our skills range across various sectors: mechanical, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechatronics, IT/software, biotechnology, food, plastics, medical, wellness and more...

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